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    Every Australian should be able to do something about the human trafficking that is happening in our own country. The Freedom Hub creates this opportunity with a marketplace for re-aligned spending. Choosing to enjoy the café; visit our shop; buy ethical products on line, or partner to help a survivor; are now tools you can use to fight this crime. Aligning your spending with your values is choosing to do good on purpose. Alone you can make a difference, but together we can make an impact. That’s our philosophy.
    Sally Irwin


    Premium Coffees: we source the finest, organic, ethically produced coffee beans; have them roasted in Australia, and ensure the fullest flavour and taste. We care what’s in the cup.
    Exotic Teas: escape the mundane with ethically sourced, handpicked, fine teas that lure the senses and calm the mind. We care about creating your experience.
    Inspired Menus: stimulate your taste buds with fresh healthy food inspired by other cultures. Snapshots of a country you may never visit but time in our café will make you feel like you are there. We care about serving you the best.