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START BY DOING WHAT’S NECESSARY, THEN DO WHAT‘S POSSIBLE, AND SUDDENLY YOU ARE DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE Human trafficking and slavery happens within Australian borders. We exist to help people who have experienced this crime and we partner in the fight to end global slavery.

We run a Survivor School for rehabilitation, a Café/Event Venue for funding, a slave free retail range for shopping and collaborate with partners to help end this crime. The Freedom Hub Survivor School is a place where survivors are trained, encouraged and prepared for the workforce. A place where, through one-to-one mentoring, supported learning and practical application with partnered businesses; survivors can learn faster, feel valued, and trust is reestablished. Survivors are accelerated into a position of success. The Freedom Hub helps survivors stay motivated & seek opportunities to live a life of freedom, by offering supported learning and work experience, setting them up to have another go and not lose heart. The Freedom Hub Café and Event Venue is a place where local customers can enjoy healthy, fresh food knowing their money is making a difference. 100% of our profits support the school and cause. “Small change, Big effect” The food is sourced locally whenever possible and we check there is no slavery in our supply chain. All our staff are paid full award wages and our suppliers partner to fight the crime of slavery in Australia. The stunning warehouse venue is extremely popular for Ethical Weddings, Engagements and parties.

From Our Founder

The seeds were sown on a dark street in Berlin, Germany where I spent three years supporting women who had been trafficked across the eastern borders for sex. Faces, smells, stories I can never forget. Naively I thought we were immune to this horrid crime in Australia. The reality that slavery happens here and the rage that built up inside me, motivated me to do something. The Freedom Hub was born out of this drive. On returning to Australia in 2012, I worked as the volunteer coordinator in the only safe house specifically just for trafficked women in NSW managed by The Salvation Army. With more and more victims being found, there was a huge need for more training to help the survivors find employment and rebuild their lives. To keep continue this training we needed to move into a larger premises, allowing the safe house to remain a secret & safe residential place. The Freedom Hub Ltd is the result, a new charity set up specifically to rebuild survivors lives, and provide a much needed service for survivors. We are the ONLY organisation set up to provide one to one, life coaching and training in Australia. The Freedom Hub Ltd is a registered charity that equips survivors to live in freedom and we welcome volunteers, fundraising and events to help this cause succeed. We also run a social enterprise cafe that provides an opportunity for every Australian to choose ethically sourced products with no slavery in the supply chain while making a difference in the lives of others. 100% of profits support the Survivor School. - Sally Irwin

Why we exist

Human trafficking happens in many industries within Australia. We help rebuild the lives of people who have experienced this slavery and partner in the global fight to end this crime

Slavery happens here in Australia

When we found out human trafficking happened here, we were shocked, then enraged and finally determined to do something. Victims are deceived into working for little or no pay; psychologically controlled with threats and violence; and found in nearly every industry in Australia.

The Problem

Survivors want a job so that they can support themselves. Most traditional learning environments can be intimidating and confusing so survivors often feel anxious and fearful. Standardised curriculum is not as effective as tailored classes that help them work at their own pace. Recent government cuts in funding for aftercare and education fees, have heightened the need for our work.

Freedom Hub Survivor School

The Freedom Hub Survivor School is a place where survivors are trained, encouraged and prepared for the workforce. A place where, through one-to-one mentoring, supported learning and practical application with partnered businesses; survivors can learn faster, feel valued, and trust is re-established.

Six ways to get involved?


Raise Awareness
Let everyone know it’s happening in our own country. Invite your friends to like our page, and share our posts. It makes a great difference in our marketing if you can just do this one simple thing!
Can your business provide work experience or short term employment for survivors? We need ‘safe’ partners to work with us rebuilding confidence.
Get your friends, work colleagues, gym - any group, together and run a social or sport event for our cause. We can send you a DIY kit with fact sheets and information for your event.
From admin to teaching, every skill is needed to ensure the Survivor School is successful. We have an intensive training course for those wanting to help survivors. Our volunteer intake is only twice a year so jump on the waiting list if you are keen.
Support our cafe in Waterloo, Sydney. 100% of profits support the Survivor School and partner in the fight to end slavery in Australia. Click here for opening details. Support our market place – ethical shopping gives you peace of mind that no child or person has been enslaved to make our products; great gift ideas and 100%profits support survivors restoration.
We deliberately seek no government funding so we can personalise the help we give survivors. Your donation directly rebuilds a life and goes toward their rehabilitation. The café funds our administrations costs. Even a very small amount is very welcome or a direct sponsorship of a survivor starts from $30 a month.

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100% of profits from our slave free products, support our survivors.

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Our Founder

Born and raised in Sydney, Sally commenced her professional career as a Company Cadet for Grace Bros, held a number of business positions including NSW State Trainer for L’Oreal of Paris, Store Manager of Price Point furniture and then Myer, rising to senior management as National Merchandiser/Buyer. Taking a break from corporate positions to raise two children Sally volunteered and pioneered many small not for profit ventures in Australia. Moving to Germany in 2008 when her husband took up a Diplomatic post in Berlin, Sally was confronted with the issue of human trafficking – particularly from Eastern Europe, and established a charity in Berlin to fund organisations that supported the victims. She also became very active in a café supporting women trafficked into prostitution, and was personally involved in helping a number of these women return to their country and begin a new life. Returning to Sydney in July 2012, Sally has now applied her passion and experience to the issue of modern day slavery here in Australia. As a volunteer Sally worked in the Salvation Army’s Trafficking and Slavery Safe House, for two years. In this role she interviewed, trained, coordinated all the volunteers; set up training courses to help clients become work ready and was actively engaged in encouraging the women to return to the workforce. Sally also holds the position of ‘member engagement’ for Stop the Traffik Australia, which is a coalition of 40 organisations who work toward ending slavery internationally. In this role Sally networks with all major NGO’s operating in this field. In March 2014 Sally founded The Freedom Hub, a charity and social enterprise venture that trains, equips and provides work experience to survivors of modern slavery in Australia. With her co-workers she is helping survivors to rebuild their lives to a point where they can be employed, self-sufficient and have regained their self-worth.
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